New Ergal trigger for the Beretta APX and APX A1

The guys from Tactical Italy Group assemble and test the Crocodile trigger on the new APX A1 equipped with the Apx A1 PRO Cover and the extended mag release in Ergal.

100% compatible with the new A1

First in the World


Complete installation video of the Trigger Kit

The Technology that made the Crocodile unique

A graphic sketch representing the Ergal trigger technology of the Crocodile series designed specifically for the Beretta Apx.

You can clearly see the oblique position of the phalanx (from top to bottom) on the trigger. The wide-ranging bevel allows greater support comfort and the final "dimple" helps you remember the optimal position every time you press the trigger.

The stop trigger is already included on the back of the trigger.

The Ergal Crocodile for the Beretta Apx is one of a kind, and is one of the first aftermarket triggers in the world.

Watch the advertising video

Andrea Ermini, Italian guy, is a young IPSC shooter who competes in the OPEN division with his APX (first series) with all TR-1upgrade products. Watch the video

Final Stages

Here are the final stages of manufacturing the Ergal trigger for APX

Mil-Spec anti-scratch galvanization and matte black and red finish for safety. Built-in Stop Trigger.


Unmistakable design

What fascinated me most was its design. The "Crocodile" line was born from the need to accommodate the phalanx on the trigger and feel an extreme sensation of softness when pressing.

the First in the world?

It is very likely that in the global panorama of aftermarket parts for handguns, the Ergal Crocodile trigger for the Beretta Apx is currently the only one in the world; both for its design and for its mechanical and technical characteristics.