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The first FLAT trigger with Performance Trigger also compatible with Gen 3 and 4th generation.

List of compatible models

On all Glocks in 9mm, 40 and .357 sig gen 3 calibers (Glock 17Gen3, G19 Gen3, G26 Gen3, G34 Gen3, G22 Gen3, G23 Gen3, G27 Gen3, G35 Gen3, G31 Gen3, G32 Gen 3 and G33 Gen3)

and on all Glocks in 9mm, 40 and .357 sig gen 4 calibers (Glock 17Gen4, G19 Gen4, G26 Gen4, G34 Gen4, G22 Gen4, G23 Gen4, G27 Gen4, G35 Gen4, G31 Gen4, G32 Gen 4 and G33 Gen4 )

Assembly video

A modern Flat

Made of Ergal with Mil-spec galvanization, memory point on the front, flat safety, reduced pre-travel and factory-adjusted trigger stop, improved fluidity, 45° beveled corners for maximum support comfort.

Also for Gen 3/4

The new Flat with Glock Performance Kit will be compatible not only with the Gen 5 but with the previous versions (Gen 3/4) cal. 9, 40 and .357sig. While the original Glock package is only compatible with gen 5 versions*.


Hence "Performance"

The kit includes Glock's innovative "Performance trigger", improved and adapted to increase performance.

*Gen 5 model compatibility list: Glock g17 Gen5, G19 Gen 5, G19 X, G26 Gen5, G34 Gen5 MOS, G45 MOS, G47 MOS, G44, G22 Gen5, G23 Gen5, G27 Gen5

Flat Performance review from the italian guys "Tactical Raiders"


The new kit will allow you to shoot any type of primer (even harder NATO primers)

using the original firing pin spring.

The complete kit is supplied with:

  • 1x Glock Performance Ejector Package;

  • 1x Flat ergal trigger, CNC machined, equipped with a special screw for adjusting the trigger stop;

  • 1x trigger bar, machined at different angles and mirror finished;

  • 2x connector: 1 of 2 kg ("-" sign) and the other DOT 2.2 ("°" sign), machined at different angles and mirror finished;

  • 1x firing pin safety, self-lubricating, machined to optimize the deactivation curve;

  • 1x TR-1 lightened firing pin safety spring;
  • 1x Tool TR-1 for mounting the trigger bar on the ejector
  • 1x TR-1 aluminum cover plate with laser engraving (NOT essential for Gen 5, ESSENTIAL, however, for the trigger system to work on Gen3/4);
  • 1x adjustment Allen key;


The first "Flat" style triggers hit the market towards the end of 2010.

Today it is back in time but with an Upgrade in Design, Functionality and Performance superior to any other trigger of similar shape in the world. It is the first of its series; very different, in its peculiarities, compared to the Crocodile, and is one of a kind.


The new Flat Performance was created with specific calibrations, which make it ready to be installed and used quickly; The pre-travel, reset and stop trigger have already been designed/made/improved in shape from the factory, so that the mechanical action of the trigger can give the shooter the maximum possible performance advantage and achieve a more than satisfactory result.

2 weights in 1 kit

In the same kit it is possible to choose two types of trigger weight: By mounting the machined Dot 2.2 disconnector, with a trio of original springs, you can have a trigger weight of approximately 1.2*kg (original Performance Glock 2kg trigger as in the photo) .


Instead, with the machined 2kg disconnector and the lightened TR-1 spring of the firing pin safety, a weight of 1*kg can be achieved.


  (* reference unit unless different tolerances based on the handgun).

Free tools

Tool that will help you mount the trigger bar on the ejector during total disassembly for extraordinary cleaning (use will be shown in the assembly video).

Excellent for Dry fire

The very fact that the trigger is always in the same position, whether "load" or "unload", guarantees the shooter, during dry fire, constant training: In fact, the pressure exerted on the trigger when empty is the same which will be on fire. This favors the shooter's performance in competition because he is predisposed, by his nature, to maintain the same standard level that is usually sought with modifications or demanding training. Therefore it guarantees a sensation, even at "unload", of knowing how to evaluate the position of the trigger as if the firing pin were loaded.