The first fully adjustable ERGAL CNC  trigger with military scratch-resistant galvanization


You can adjust the setting of the trigger weight and the trigger reset


We thank Tactical Italy Group for this fantastic video in which they mount a TR-1 Crocodile in Ergal on this beautiful Glock

The first in its series; special in its peculiarities, one of a kind.

The end user will be able to adjust and set his trigger system according to his preferences thanks to the front screw located on the front of the trigger and on the rear part of the ejector.

Download the instruction manual

Instruction Manual TR-1 Crocodile Ergal Glock
Instruction Manual TR1 Crocodile Ergal.p
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Review by Greyman

Greyman Channel reviewed the Crocodile for us for his Glock 19 Gen 4. Click to watch the video.

All trigger kits are supplied with a watertight box, official PVC patch, pre-formed interior and adjustment Allen key.


Created in aeronautical Ergal with excellent mechanical resistance, CNC milled from solid with scratch-resistant and anti-rust military-type galvanic coating and laser-pigmented TR-1 writing in red (unique workmanship of its kind).



Available for Gen 3, Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glocks, including Glocks 42/43/48 and X versions with Fire Red or Matte Black safety.

Tested by the best world-renowned sports shooters.

See the page dedicated to Testimonials.

Project - Development - Testing

It took two years of design and development to create the final shape of the Crocodile and guarantee performance that no other aluminum trigger could have provided.

The first tests and torture tests with the specimens in progress. (in the picture)


In the wise hands of Giovanni Di Giulio, one of the official testers: exemplary operational shooting instructor of the GDF of Orvieto and a great world-renowned sports shooter. In the photo: mounted on a 4th Generation Glock 34 during testing.

Mechanical and Aesthetic Characteristics

It comes with Mil-Spec scratch-resistant matt black military-type galvanization. Similar to its predecessors, the Crocodile now features a new upgrade; A series of knurls on the front, which helps to better understand the position of the distal phalanx on the trigger. The lateral bevel accommodates the finger, giving a sensation of softness during the traction and release of the firing pin, furthermore, given the oblique position that is created during the support, it allows the shooter to pull the trigger in a linear and correct way. The "dimple", in the final part, acts as a boundary of perception of the positioning of the phalanx and the deactivation of the trigger safety. The side TR-1 writing is made with permanent laser pigmentation and has a front adjustment screw to adjust the initial pre-travel.


Designed as human anatomy

"Upgrade" means Passion for Sport and practical shooting, it means Innovation, it means Discovery, it means Easy to use, it means Novelty, it means Saving Time and Money, it means Improved/Accurate, it means achieving a Result.


From here the Crocodile was born for the entire Glock Gen 3,4,5 series and X versions.

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