Early versions were created with a machined and molded original Glock trigger. It is still a very popular product today.
Early versions were created with a machined and molded original Glock trigger. It is still a very popular product today.

For  Ergal Version. . .

TR-1 upgrade® CROCODILE™ in ERGAL COMPLETE Kit for Glock Gen3 codice: 1000091

The New Crocodile™ Trigger is completely in CNC ERGAL with Red safety trigger. The system is made with original Glock components (Trigger Bar - Ejector - Firing pin Safety - Connector_ all worked by TR-1 operators).

Trigger Features:

         It comes with scratch-resistant matte black military-grade galvanization. Similar to its predecessors, the Crocodile™ now features a new upgrade; A series of knurls on the front, which helps to better understand the position of the phalanx on the trigger. The lateral bevel accommodates the finger giving a feeling of softness during the traction and release of the firing pin, moreover, given the oblique position that is created during the rest, it allows the shooter to pull the trigger in a linear and correct way. The "Memory point", in the final part on front, acts as a border of perception of positioning of the phalanx. The side TR-1 lettering is made with permanent laser pigmentation and front adjustment pre-travel screw.


Il TR-1® Crocodile™ complete kit consists of:

  • Ejector (housing pack), with adjustment screw for reset;

  •  CNC  ergal trigger Crocodile, equipped with a special screw for adjusting the pre-travel and red  aluminum safety trigger; 

  • Trigger bar, machined with different angles and mirror finished;

  • Connector 2kg. worked with different angles and mirror finished ;

  • Firing pin Safety self-lubricating, worked to optimize the release of trigger bar;

  • adjustment screws;


Compatible with all Glocks in 9mm gen 3 caliber.


In the TR-1® Crocodile™ package are:

Crocodile™ Complete kit trigger

Shockproof/Pressurized box 

Adjustment screws driver

TR-1® patch



* The KIT  can be used with the original springs of the firing pin and firing pin safety. The trigger pack is supplied with the new shockproof watertight casing and the new TR-1® patch in PVC FOR FREE.

Thanking you for choosing our product, which will surely allow you to quickly acquire greater mastery in handling and better shooting performance, we remind you to always use your weapon in full compliance with the safety standards.

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Complete Installation Kit Crocodile Glock 17/19- Gen3/4


Handmade, finished and mirror polished for greater smoothness of the parts that compose it.


Essential adjustment that can transform your trigger from defensive to sporty in an instant.


For more experienced shooters, knowing how to manage the reset of the trigger during a match is essential! By adjusting the reset there is a clearer re-engagement and less oscillations and vibrations in the collapse phase.